Love My Sex

by Molten Mama

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"Love My Sex" is the first single off Molten Mama's debut record Don't Call Me Baby, set to release in Fall 2016. Brought to you by Big Snacks Entertainment.


"Ring ring" goes the telephone, never know when she's gonna call me
Been addicted to my love since the first time that she saw me
Late turns into an animal, and wants me every morning with her coffee
Asked her why she needs so much
She whispered to me softly
"I love your sex, it's the best, oh yes
Makes my heart beat right out of my chest"
Grindin' sweat, we fight and curse, I'm gonna fuck you good and leave you first

Because you love my sex
Because you need my sex
So you can have this sex

Saturday night, all right, never fails
She turns into a hammer, beggin' to nail
Every time we're out on the seas, she always blows a little wind back into my sails
In the bathroom, in the kitchen, switchin' positions on a sexual mission
Ain't no escape from the video tape, which exists just because she insisted to love my sex

Oh yes she loves my sex
Oh yes she needs my sex
So you can have this sex

I'm all over you
You're all over me
I tried to kick you out
But you wouldn't leave

I didn't mean to be rude
But I can't get over you
And I just wanna know what's next
And she, she looked at me\
And what she said I did not expect

Yeah it's true, she'd been breakin' hearts in two
And my heart she had to reject
Now I'm blue, because I'm love with you
But you only, only, only

Love my sex
Oh yes she needs my sex
So you can have it



released September 6, 2016
Matthew Cunningham - Lead vocals, Lyrics
Kyle Hunter - Bass guitar
Shae Hatfield - Organ
Philip Shepherd - Drums
Scott Love - Guitar, Vocals
Kimberly Norman - Vocals
Rev. Dr. James Mercury Alexander - Magic Man

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Cody Nielsen at Iceblink Recording

Inspired by Nate Korth




all rights reserved


Molten Mama Fayetteville, Arkansas

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